The Management Trainer


The Management Trainer, a leading management training organisation, recently underwent a website revamp to improve the user experience and increase sales. As part of this revamp, the company hired a web designer/dev to create a new design layout and implement a responsive design.

The website revamp process began with an analysis of the existing website to identify areas of improvement. I conducted a comprehensive user research to understand the user’s behaviour, preferences, and pain points while navigating the website. I also conducted an audit of the website’s content and information architecture to ensure that the new design would be easy to navigate and find.¬†Based on the findings of the user research and audit, I created a new design layout and upgraded the look of the website. The new design incorporated a modern and visually appealing color palette, typography, and imagery. The web designer also implemented a responsive design, ensuring that the website would be easily accessible and usable on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

After the website revamp, the organisation observed a significant improvement in the website’s user experience and sales conversion rates. The new design was well-received by users, who appreciated the more user-friendly and visually appealing website. The responsive design also ensured that users could easily access and navigate the website on different devices.

  • project Client
  • My Role Ux Design <br /> Web Dev
  • Tools Figma Wordpress Elementor
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